Portable Induction Cooker


Product Features:


·         Environmentally friendly  cooking - 95% energy efficient.

·         No flames – Leave the house in confidence.

·         Safe – Only operate when pan is in place.

·         10 heat setting levels

·         Max heat of 240’C – great for wok’s

·         Boils water in minutes.

·         Minimum heat 60’C – great for slow cooking

·         Up to 3 hour timer

·         Portable, Great for camping and caravans etc

·         Free cooking pot

·         Size – 28cm x 34cm x 6cm.

·         Fits easily on any kitchen bench top.

·         12 month full replacement warranty.

·         240V – 2000W


Induction cooking is a method of providing fast, consistent heat for electrically conductive materials. The process relies on electrical currents within the material to produce heat. Heat is developed directly and instantly inside the pan within one second. This is much faster than any other method. Induction heat comes from magnetic energy, power is engaged when a field is established between your cooking vessel and the cook top surface. There is no radiant heat, so it is very safe, there are built in safety mechanisms and also a variety of button-pressed options, including timer, temperature and heat level.



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